Anyway SAFE way around the 3 day wait after a sell?

Gambling on football has its advantages. Once you win the funds are in your account immediately to use again on the next games coming up. However if you do make a withdraw from the online bookie it could take a few weeks to get those funds (if you do). But if you go to Vegas etc… winnings are given out right there and then. (No 3 day wait) But legalize gambling on the stocks is perfectly legal in your home or any other place you care to do it so why must you wait 3 days for funds to be put back into your account to buy stocks again?

It seems a little…hummm. It just seems that a online company like my fictional company (E-Snots) could move your funds over knowing the funds are covered once it clears. I also can understand if you use these funds and cash out before the first transaction clears as your second BUY is covered by the money from the first sell. However if a 3rd buy wouldn’t be covered until the first buy clears.

So I ask, is there a way to do what I just explained above (SAFE) no margin or option buying.

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