Anyone with knowledge of civil complaints filed against Fidelity National Insurance Co.?

I am clarifying that I am looking for samples of “civil complaints” re aforementioned. Fidelity National Insurance sent adjuster after flood. Adjuster made initial offer WITH understanding that more settlement monies$ available if more damage found. Additional damage (significant) has now been uncovered. Now Fidelity renegs on its promise. My acceptance of first part of settlement did not waive my right to additional funds. There is underlying damage as was discussed with adjuster at time of first inspection. Additional work had to be done to see and assess that damage. Not looking for LEGAL advice. Just need site(s) where I can look for sample complaints re non-payment of flood insurance. (I have searched Fidelity National…they are also a title insurance company). If no sites available for Fidelity, would appreciate ANY insurance complaints re other complaints for non-payment of flood insurance claims.

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