Anyone know where to get $4000 from?

So here’s the deal. My step-dad is a sorry disgrace of a man and left me and my mom high and dry. He moved out of the house and didn’t live here for 6 months. My mom paid all the bills except the mortgage, that was his bill he said he’d pay. It turns out he didn’t pay it. My mom now owes the mortgage company $ 4152. She can’t pay that. She’s in a wheelchair because she has Multiple Sclerosis. She gets $ 600 a month from SSI and I get a $ 300 back child support from my dad. I also get a $ 200 a month back child support check. Even with all of the money from all 3 check it won’t be enough and we wouldn’t be able to pay off the other bills. I can’t even work because I’m 15! Most places one give my mom a loan because her and my step-dad are still married and because of it her credit is garbage. If we don’t pay soon we’re going to loose our house and have to move back to Connecticut to live with my grandparents! None of my moms friends or my friends family’s have $ 4000 to give or loan to us! I don’t know what to do! Does ANYONE know where we can get $ 4000 from and get it kinda fast!?!? SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!?!?!

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