Anyone know anything about VA home loans?

My husband just got 70% disability from the VA and the paper work said that we qualified for a VA home loan. We are in desperate need of a new home, because ours is falling apart and is a major health hazard. But when we started looking for banks that did VA loans we were shocked at everything we were finding out. Not one of those banks said the same thing about VA loans. We are very confused right now. Then we went to the VA website and did some research but it only listed the basic stuff of the loan. We have already gotten our certificate of eligibility from the VA but we are at a road block about finding a bank to fund it. Some banks told us that we had to have a credit score of at least 620 to get a VA loan and others told us that a VA loan requires that same things as a FHA loan. Please can someone give me some straight answers so that I can get my family in a better and safer home.
To G C, My husband bought this home about 6 years ago because it was a cheap buy and he paid it in cash. it was built in the 1960’s and is only a small 2 bedroom and there is 4 of us. In order to get this house up to code we would have to rip it down and rebuild it from the ground up. My husband only paid $ 12,000 for the house and land with cash. At the time he was single. But now our family has grown and we need a bigger house and a safer home, one that is not in a dangerous nieghborhood. I am currently attending college full time to make a better life for us so we will have no problem affording a house payment.

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