anyone know a site like, but for “fantasy financial portfolios”?

So basically this is what I’m trying to do. I just read the book “millionaire next door” and I am now interested in personal finance and managing money.

I am 22 years old, don’t have credit cards or bank accounts (I’m a student and my parents pay), and I will be in school for another 8-10 years to become a physician. I’m looking for a free personal finance site, where I can essentially make “theoretical” or “fantasy” financial decisions. Like for example, if I assume that I will make 250,000 a year at age 30, I would love to have a “fantasy” portfolio that shows how I could budget that, from paying student loans, to theoretical mortgages/car payments and investments (that make fundamental assumptions of like average 8% return compounded annually). I’d love to see how my 401k/roth ira would possibly add up too by age 60 etc, and how frugally I need to live to achieve my goals. That way I could see what a more frugal lifestyle looks like, what a reckless style of spending would lead, and what a moderate style would be like. Tweaking around with this stuff now could defintiely help me in the future, so I don’t become like 90+% of doctors out there who are horrific with finances and live way above their means, and end up with little retirement savings. only works with real money, and actual bank accounts/credit cards. is there a site where I can play around with a budget of theoretical money to plan ahead for my finances. Something that is above simple calculators etc, but a complex site like that really takes into account lots of things. Thanks!

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