Anyone know a lot about credit?

Well here’s a little bit about my credit history. I have once credit card I am in the process of paying off. I had verizon wireless and couldn’t afford to pay my bill so it became a write off. I PAID it just two months ago to the full amount and got confirmation from the collections agency. I have a car loan that I have never been late on. So overall I would say not bad, not good. So now I am trying to get a low limit credit card that I can use to build up my credit. Is this a good idea? Is there any other way I can build up my credit? My boyfriend and I are considering marriage but I don’t want to commit to him with a crappy credit history. I pay all my bills on time, it just seems like nobady wants to approve me for a credit card 🙁 All the help is apepricated! Thanks!

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