Anyone familiar with the mortgage Fannie Flex 100?

The groom and I were qualified for this program, the interest rate of 6.5% fixed 30 years, with no money and about $ 5,000 closing costs? Although we will through a broker who is charging us 0.50% of loan and lender fees of 1%? So we have about $ 1,900 loan. Is it too much?
We plan to refinance rate subprime loans of 9.1% fixed rate mortgage of 50 years. I was told that if mortgage companies are a good idea a couple of different projections in good faith, to see if there are costs attached to lines that should not be there. Here’s something they intend to charge us. If we question one of them? Loan origination fee credit reporting Free subscription aruanneAdmin & teenustasuClosing tasu√úleujutuste tax cert pay for receiver /, kindlustusToetusedGov board under the title prepRecording doc fees for taxes and retrocession premium tasuHazzard much reservidNii evaluation of the fees added, how can you say what needed to be there and that the padding Broker If it is pure profit, how can you avoid paying taxes to? – Not all mortgage companies are required to make a profit?

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