Anyone ever try to cancel insurance from Old National Bank?

We have life insurance that was offered through Old National Bank deducted from our checking account.

I wrote the bank telling them I wanted to revoke the authority to deduct the insurance payments from my account. They said I had to contact the insurance company to do that and gave me the phone number:

800-252-2148 , but that goes to an anwering machine which gives option 2 to cancel a policy, but hitting the number 2 the reply is “invalid number”.

I told ONB that I did not accept the idea that I could not cancel the authority to these e-payments, and considered closing the account. I was told that I would get NSF charges if I closed the account.

So, I told them the number did not work, they gave me another number, the person on the other end sounded like they were from India, and said they would cancel the policy. But, here again on my bank statement is an e-withdrawal.

We don’t even have a written policy from these people stating what is covered. They are slippery.

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