Any tips on re-negotiating APR on credit card, or extending the 0% deal?

I currently have a Washingto Mututal credit card that still has 0% APR until September 2007. I’ve been using the card but paying it in full every month. When the 0% expires, the APR will go up to 9.9%.

I applied for an American Express Blue card because of the 0% offer up to 15 months. I received it today and the offer is only good for 6 months, then my APR will go up to 19.23%.

Can I re-negotiate extending the 0% offer with either of these cards? Any tips on doing that? Is there also a way to re-negotiate my APR with American Express, or should I just cancel that card? (People told me AMEX is a good card to have, but I think the APR is ridiculous compared to my other card!)

These cards will only be used in emergencies and will pretty much be paid in full each month. Also, my credit score is in the 730 range. Any advice would be appreciated!

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