Any idea what is the best way to deal with home mortgage vacant?

Getting rid of my mortgage payment credit without hurting that much? “What would you do to me?” I bought the house in 2005, 160K, fully rahastada.Ostsin 20K car for a few months later (on my fully paid for everything and I needed a new one, which represents more monthly payments to the pocket). In addition, I paid the landscape, downspouts, electrical outlets and central air conditioning, after I bought a house, a total of 10 km in my pocket that made me put on more debt krediitkaarte.Niisiis, j ‘I started a mortgage to pay 1K a month, then increased payments by credit card while making all the improvements in the house, then got ready car, by mid 2007 and I needed to refinance refinance car, credit cards and I paid all the receiver without a penny coming in my pocket. My house was valued at 270K, 190K, and I took a loan (I pay $ 1,200 per month). In 2008 he moved to another country, my house is empty and for sale in a few months now, the evaluator must then assess the 210K, while the buyer is willing to 195K, and obviously I can not pay the Realtor a commission if I sell at that price because I have 190K and a 6% commission cons. My contract expires anyway. I am currently renting in one country and all hüpoteegimaksed.Kuna to pay the mortgage, the gardener, insurance and other services is becoming a burden, I looked for alternatives, such as short selling. I know some debt relief approved at a later date, but I find nothing on the IRS website, I think all of that, which was adopted in 2007 / I want to know what are my options. I do not care about my empty-free home, I am concerned about my credit. If I rent, I get about $ 800 per month (which is the fee paid by a property manager, the house is located in the largest city in the country hit by the bursting of the bubble, so that n ‘is provided in accordance with the purchase / rental), so I need suggestions what I can do. For example, there is a potential trading of the bank to stop payments for 6 months? In this way, he let me try to help the owner to sell part of the local states are not used sõbrad.Mõlemad country. I do not think you can buy a good chance this time, I do not know how the taxes on my situation, I just need some ideed.Kuidas to sell the house? I pay taxes and how to calculate it (you have all my figures are available). The appraised value at the time of the sale of a portion of the payment of taxes or forgiven? Please advise, thank you!

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