Any debt consolidation programs that help you before you lose your car and utils get shut off?

I am in a situation where I bought a car and got laid off a month later. I drove it off the lot thinking I was just going to refi it with my bank like I always do, but now they won’t take over the note because I don’t have a job (I collect unemployment).

Every debt consolidation company i called requires that I have the car repo’d already and have my utilities shut off to help me.

Is there any place that will help me now that I still have the car and still have my utilities in my name? I need to just get something that with a lower monthly payment so I can get caught up and keep my car. My interest rate on my car is so high I can’t get caught up and I need a lower monthly payment.
I can’t sell my car. I need it to goto work when I return to work and interview. I’m toast without it.

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