Any advice on taking care of my two little sisters (our parents died February & I’m now their legal guardian)

My parents passed away in a car accident 5 months ago, and aged 18 I dropped out of univesity so I could take over guardianship of my younger sisters. I couldn’t accept the suggested alternative which would have meant the state taking care of them in a home.

Although I now have some freelance work, I can’t get a proper full-time job because I have a 5yo and an 8yo to take to, and collect from school every day during term-time, and now the schools are broken up for the summer, paying childcare for 2 kids would cost more than I could earn, so I’m ashamed to say we are pretty much living on state welfare handouts. We are also going to have to sell up the house and move to somewhere smaller because in our country you get hit with inheritance tax, and that means while the insurance has paid the outstanding mortgage, 25% of the house and its contents, 25% of the money left after settling the bills etc (which wasn’t much – and lasted only weeks) now belongs to the tax man, and……………
if we don’t pay the tax (which we can’t – we don’t have it) or sell up, he’ll instigate reposession proceedings and that will add legal fees to the amount we owe.

There should be more money to come from life insurance policies, but they won’t pay out until it decided legally who was to blame, but this will happen too late for us to keep the house.

I also feel terrible about living on a shoestring, not for me, I’m content to eat cheap and wear charity shop clothes, but I really don’t want my sisters to become the school’s jumble sale kids. The eldest turned 8 last month, and instead of the credit-card funded lavish event she was accustomed to, she only got a cheap dress and pierced ears. No party, just a cheap cake and lemonade. The youngest, on the other hand, isn’t able to grasp the fact that they when you die it is permanent, and that they will never come home again.

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