Am I protected under the anti-deficiency statute law in California if i defaulted on my mortgage?

I’m one of those unfortunate homeowner who purchased a home during the boom and also got one of those adjustable mortgage. I’ve been paying my mortgage on time and am not behind on my payment whatsoever. But my payment will start adjusting in a few months and the value of the house has taken a dip and I was told if I want to refinance my current mortgage, I would need to come up with the differences in order for my bank to refi. So my question is this, if I’m not able to come up with the money does that mean I cannot refinance? Am I shit outta luck? I’ve been responsible for my debt and I got screwed over my loan because my former loan officer did not disclosed those critical terms and loan details. On the closing day at the escrow office, my former loan officer wasn’t even there at the signing. She told me just show up and sign the documents and I was naïve and I did it. Do I have a case against this loan officer if I plan to sue her? The bottom line is, if I stop making payments and eventually foreclose the house, does the bank has the right to come after me for the differences that didn’t satisfy the loan because of the anti-deficiency statute in California? Am I protected under that law? The house is my primary residence and it has never been refinanced. My current loan is an 80/20 piggy back loan, with a 2yr fixed/adjust every 6 months. I’m just worry that the bank will come after me for the differences if I do foreclose on the loan. Any suggestions? Ideas? Alternatives? Is there any way I can avoid foreclosure? Any government agency I can turn to for help? I’m very stressed out so please advice! Thank you!

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