Am I laible to fix hail damage on a trade-in vehicle?

I recently traded in a Jeep Liberty (2006) for a new vehicle. The dealership did not inspect the Jeep before I traded it in and it has new hail damage. We bought the Liberty from this same dealership and had SO many problems with it that, after some convincing, they decided to take it back. The dealership noticed the hail damage after all of the papers were signed and the old Jeep was in their posession. I already reported the claim to our insurance but did not fix the hail damage. The dealership now wants to contact my insurance company to “file a claim” but I already filed one. I have the insurance check in my possession but have not cashed it. Am I legally liable to fix the damage to the old vehicle? The dealership has been aweful throughout this whole experience – absolute jerks to be honest. Not that karma works that way… I live in MN if it makes any difference.

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