Am I committed or can still go with another Mortgage Lender?

I was pre-approved with both Guaranty Bank mortgage and Capital One Home Loan. Guaranty Bank issued me a Good Faith Estimate Settlement Charges and Capital One didn’t. At the bottom of this GFE I saw my full legal name printed and the loan officer’s printed as well. But no actual signatures!

I included the pre-approval letter from Guaranty Bank with the offer I wrote to the seller.

I first decided to go with Guaranty Bank so, I provided the Guaranty Bank mortgage officer my paytubs, bank statements etc.

Due to unclearly charges explained and I don’t feel comfortable with this loan officer. I now want to go with Capital One since this Capital 1 officer is more sincerely helping.

Have I committed to Guaranty Bank since I provided my bank statement and paytubs?

Can I go with Capital One now? or I’m either stuck with Guaranty Bank or paying $ 500 commitment fee to get out?

How does it work if I showed pre-approval letter from Guaranty Bank to the seller, and the mortgage loan will be from Capital One?

This is FHA loan

Loan officer said that I was approved for the FHA home loan, and she was waiting on final ok from underwriter. She also said that the appraisal and title work had been ordered.

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