After reading the situation who do you think is in the right…me or them?

Here’s the situation i would like to get some feedback if possible.

When i was 19 i live with my parents and i went to college full time and had a part time job. During this time our house burnt down. Whe we received the insurance money they gave me what they thought was a fair amount and i had no idea what they really recieved for my content because there is depreciation and other things to account for after you submit your list. About 1 year later i found the documents to the breakdown of the insurance and it turns out that they kept about $ 12,000 of my content money and were not ever going to tell me about it. When i confronted them about this they said i was gready for wanting the money and that i was given plenty of money, but i still have over $ 15,000 in student loans to pay back and this would be a good start in paying them back but they are saying that because i did not pay on the insurance policy and that they paid for most of the things that they gave me that it was really their money and that i did not deserve the money they received for my content in my own room.

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