after foreclosure, can your mortgage company make you pay what they lose in a foreclosure sale?

I have a first and second mortgage (to avoid PMI) and I am wondering if, after foreclosure, if we are going to be liable finacially for the banks loss, or the difference between our loan balance and what they get in the foreclosure sale? I know that our credit score will be affected, but I am wondering if that is the only repercussion? I also know the laws are different in states I am in Nevada anyone that knows the nevada foreclosure law specifically would be great. I am also wondering once we move out, assuming we do so before notice to evict what role will we, as the homeowners, need to play in the foreclosure process? I have heard that you must fill out a 1099 form for taxes? saying the difference between the amount owed and what the bank gets is roughly 30,000 what would that mean we pay at tax time?

My co-workers and I are having a debate… When your home goes into foreclosure and the bank reposesses the house, are you required to pay back the remainder of the mortgage?

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