advice on people who have experienced a debt management plan set up through cab(citizean advice) british?

Hi there! Would be greatful for some advice from people who are experiencing the same as me! I live with my partner and have 2 children. We both have a joint mortgage and at the moment are currently up togeather with all payments on all debts and bills. The problem is y partner has lost 13000.00 this yr due to recession and we both have extreme outgoings as we have debts! I am currently setting up a debt management through cab and am waiting to here back from creditors to see if i can pay a lower mothly payment to them.
Has anyone else experienced this and has there house ever been at risk(even if they keep up with every agreed payment and respond to all letters etc)
Only asking as this is all new to me.
Just to clarify i have never missed a payment i am doing this as i know in a few months i will be at the point where i will start missing payments if i dont act now.

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