Advice needed ex-FI is to have rights?

I was engaged and he cheated. Now I need advice. I bought a house in August last year. The house and all bills are in my name only. His (ex-Fi) is dad to give us money to help with a deposit (about 6k), but he has signed one of these forms of donations and said it was a gift for me (never FI mentioned). And it is an unconditional gift and he can not expect me to pay him back. We have submitted this form, the mortgage broker. The monthly payment is based on a joint account. (I think I will change this situation and he from an account that I’m taking). Fi is a right for the home, because everything in my name only? I am 100% sure that his name was not on everything. He has a very bad credit. He thinks he’s right, I say, of course, because his name is not everything. I do not know if anyone in a situatioon it. We are not married, and pay us all deposits in the joint statement on all invoices and all invoices HH FI had (his carpayment, student loans) held whle I pay another account to my calculations (CC, cell phone, etc.). I do not think that property is marital property, because we’re not married, and in my state, there is no common law marriage. I see what he paid for the bills, his rent and living expenses (rent was his, then what was paid against the mortgage). Additioanlly he has problems and have trouble some damage to the house of dry holes and bumps, and he broke a door frame, while breaking open, because I like to do in the bedroom to get rid of him. I am the lady that cost a minimum of 4k correct guess (have to repaint the walls, and get a new door frame). If he was right, then there must still pay all the bills? My proscess well, because my name is on everything he can to get the right at any time, and I would not have the right to go after him for utilities or rent. Write your honest opinion, I live in Pa if that helps.

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