advice, comments about our FHA loan?

make a long story short. My wife and paid off all of our debts. we went to a mortgage company to get a loan, the lady took our info and called us the next day saying how much we were approved for and to start looking. after 1 month and a half or we found a house we liked and we called to see if we could make an offer and she told to we could. now the real estate agent is pushing us to go with someone else cuz hes not getting the answers he needs from her. We have until the 19th to get an approval letter sent over there. I called the mortgage lender and they told me that they’ve had people in worst situations than my wife and I and that they didn’t forsee a problem getting us the loan, but the real estate agent still keeps pushing the issue about my wife and I to go sit with him and go through them. Will I get the loan? do I hurry and Monday start looking at other lenders? and what’s the deal with the AGENt? any advice, comments would be greatly appreciated.Today is sunday.

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