Advice and tips on moving out?

Hi 🙂

My boyfriend, my best friend, and I are planning on moving out together in a little less than a year (around the end of August 2009), right before my friend and I enter university, whilst my boyfriend starts his second year.

I wanted to know what your advice to me would be, in terms of things that will needed to be paid/thought of, and if this plan makes any sense at all.

I have already planned a budget, including the monthly budget (Internet, rent, groceries, cellphones, bus passes, electricity, gas, renters insurance) and a list of things that will be need to be purchased for the first time (sofa, tv, etc.).

I calculated it should cost us each around 440$ a month. Now I’m sure you are going “WHAT?? THAT CAN’T BE RIGHT!”. However, the apartment we are moving into is one that belongs to my boyfriends mother, and she is giving us rent at 300$ a month. It is also in the city (Montreal, in case you are wondering), and near public transport facilities that should allow us to get to school in less then half an hour.

I am currently 18, so is my friend, and my boyfriend is 19. By the time we move out, I will be 19, nearly 20, my boyfriend 20, and my friend 19. Do you think we are too young?

We have all also been saving up a lot of money. I work as a lifeguard, swimming instructor, and have a relatively good salary, as does my friend. My boyfriend works at a lower wage, but he is looking into better paying jobs. Currently, my friend and I each have 3500$ saved up, and my boyfriend has a little less (around 1000), because he is paying for his own university, whereas we are not.

I think I gave enough details to help you understand my situation. Please answer truthfully. I want to make the right decision, and to have everything planned out to ensure the success of our plan. I am afraid I am forgetting something important! Thanks everyone. 🙂

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