Advice about a realtor?

im wanting to purchase a home directly from a buyer, the buyer still owes money on it so he wants it paid in cash, i went with a realtor who said they would help me apply with their loan company however its taken over 3 weeks probably more like a month. they did some inspections on the house, i had to turn on the water and light, and so far the realtor just tells me they are still processing the paperwork. I am buying the property for only the price that the owner owed on it and im sure its worth at least 10k or maybe 15k more. I have a feeling the realtor might want to try and resell it to somebody else for more. Is there any advice on what i can do or should i just keep waiting?
Thank you all for your response I do have a signed contract now that I think about it so I guess I should be ok. Thanks again!!!!

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