Action or not? Protection Act, I believe?

I am or was in the process of buying a home through a local bank. They told me what to do with $ 25,000 equity that I had in my previous home to be able to purchase this equipment is necessary. I have them all exactly as it was necessary for the bank. Now, two days before the closure of PMI or mortgage insurance is almost $ 600 per month, increasing the payment of 25%, which is not affordable for us. After talking with some banks and most do not tell them the situation, they all said the PMI would be high at first, but not this bank. Now, the builder or contractor of my inventory of new homes in the bank that he / she followed me and the loan officer is our case, he / she has discussed in detail and showed all our previous problems with them. It is very frustrating, it would mean a new city for us and now word has got over our problems and I know we did not speak. This bank has shocked us deeply. What can we do? Sue for damages or privacy or what? HELP! DankIch know of another case that happened with the same loan officer, but then he / she was only a white writer. He / she told several people about the activities on his own. I think it’s good for the case because he / she at that time, 1-2 years, facing the Bank and said that President Joe, my friend “simply does not discuss its business. “Well no shit, it’s something I want on a bench … Please ab.Soweit is home, I talked to another bank and exchanged the FHA and he did … or so it seems. Ends in 2 weeks. So I would not really create the Bank may be interested in honor of the offer or the conditions for 2 days before the close today. But we still have an amount of $ 25,000 of the things we said had to be canceled, but not pd by the FHA and the whole town to know our business better than wir.Auch had not music scene in the bank. Everything was done by telephone and fax 288.Und all the doctors said nothing to disclose all information to the manufacturer. PreApp Only.

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