Acceptable forms of business verification for a refinance?

I’m trying to get a refinance on my home loan. I’ve been self-employed for the last 8.5 years (photography + computer programming consulting). I do my taxes on my own (ie. no accountant, no CPA) and have no business license. I receive payment by check or paypal.

The mortgage broker is telling me the lender requires verification of my business and they’re asking for either a letter from my CPA or my business license, neither of which I have. Are there other acceptable forms of verification for my business that would work for the lender?
Thanks for the replies so far! My work is photography on the weekends and computer programming consulting on the weekdays. I’ve actually already given them my taxes from the last two years, which of course includes all of my income for the last two years. They’re still asking for one of the other two forms of verification, however, and I’m just wondering if this is standard practice or if there would be any other forms of verification that they should accept.

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