About what can I expect to be looking at for a Tax return this year?

I want to know what my Income tax refund would be if 2007 ended with my last paycheck, I a 21 year old SWM with a 7 month old child am in NY but am withholding 0-0 from my paycheck,

gross pay 20,152.39

federal inc tax, 2248.93
Social sec tax 1180.20
Medicare tax, 276.01
NY state income tax
NY SUI SDI tax 26.40

CNA addl, D&D 22.00

CNA life, 35.20

Dental, 128.70

Health, 899.80

Monthly Charity, 50.00

Vision, 88.44

3rd party W/H child support,

401k, 1215.55

Possible additional Deductible expenses,

root canal + Crown,
455 $

about 2,000 in fuel to and from work,

no student loans or mortgage,

as of yet, no daycare expenses.

based off of that information, what can I do to maximize my $ returned to me, and what may that amount be, rough estimates are welcome,…

thanks 🙂

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