About to buy a “fixer upper” of a house?

I am happy with little money to invest in a small house with a great location, I intend to fix it, as far as I can. Examples would be the replacement of old windows with energy efficient windows, and with sliding glass doors, that this House has no formal front door, only three large sliding doors (which would be weird, but its a Lake so that makes a little sense) I would also end a carpet that the carpet is at least 30 years, painting, and perhaps the BadezimmerMit these repairs I would not be able to cough all over money at a time if i is a credit card to get with either Lowes or Home Depot just thought if i can not find the hardware that I want to save the habitat for humanity resale. The resale shop is where I am in the majority of my purchases for materials planen.Glaubst you, I would be financially better off with Home Depot or Lowe? Even if you have any tips on remodeling that also help würde.dies the first house, I will be rebuilding.

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