About selling my home in five years?

Hello my husband and I just brought a home in Oklahoma using his va loan. We wanted to know if we wanted to sell this home in five years how does that work. Do the mortgage have to be paid off in order to sell the home? If the we got the home for $ 190,000.00 is it possible that when we sell it do we get that money back, or do we get a percentage of it? We never sold a home before. This is our first home. So if we get money back from selling the home do we use that to pay off the remaining balance of the mortgage loan or can we use it for another home? Also being that we use va loan for this home, can we use va again if we sell this home? Thank you so much. My husband is still active duty in the military. Plus later on down the line we would like to move to a hotter climate.

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