A word of caution to all first time home buyers?

I am a first time home buyer. I applied for a internet loan for a mortgage. You know the deal you get multiple offers. I almost made the BIGGEST mistake of my LIFE! Because like a fool I did not check MY credit report myself BEFORE applying to know exactly what I was working with. I was offered a 2/28 ARM. I was told my credit was bad intrest rate was 8% with APR at almost 12. Then to make matters worse the finace company told me my credit score had gone down and they could not do 100% only 95%. It was one thing after another. When I applied they discouraged me NOT to go with a broker that my realtor worked with. The fees and points they charged me were unbelievable. As a last resort I DID approach the broker my realtor used and guess what? My credit is not bad and I qualified for a 6.5% 30 yr fixed no points nothing! Moral of my story is this no matter WHAT they say check around, compare and run your credit report yourself. They lie I am proof of this. Beware!

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