A solution to the debt crisis! All we have to do is after the debt ceiling is raised the government will?

issue a special series of bonds that are available only to US Citizens -much like the War Bonds that were issued during WWII- then take out a default swap policy that will sell counter-shares based upon

1) the government managing to go a full year without defaulting on interest payments on these special series bonds and

2) the government defaulting after one year on these special series bonds, then those default shares will be bunded against a series of hedge shares that pay off if the government does manage to go a full year without default, and then default after one year but prior to the end of the second year

then all we’d have to do is engineer a strategic default on these special series bonds by creating an option for the House of Representatives to pay out interest on these bonds that were issued to working class Americans (which they’ll obviously reject and opt for default) and then when the hedge shares are activated by the default we’ll get a massive payout from all those bummed out derivatives investors!

Isn’t Wall Street Wonderful!
That’s what Goldman Sachs would do!

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