…….A new Job Dilemma!?

I just started a new job- its not the greatest but it will do for now. I was out of work for months and have a family to support.
I work in this restaurant as a server. The tips are ok, nothing to write home about though. The restaurant is one of those fast food places, busy in the morning making breakfast and greasy burgers at lunch time. I would imagine for a small restaurant about 200 people a day come in and out. I even met a group from China-they were selling chickens to the restaurant- Its one of those places where everyone knows your name!
My dilemma is this! The chef/owner is always sick, really sick, fever, blisters, hacking coughs, sweats, black skinspots and constant sneezing . He said its normal for him.
Most recently I have noticed some of the workers here with the same symptoms.
And this week three customers I noticed had those same black skinspots.
I really need this job-Should I tell the owner to take some Nitequil or Tylanol.
ANy advice would be helpful! Kofff K

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