A mortgage company inflated assessment of my home town a year ago, in search of refinancing?

Only serious answers please, I took a HELOC and 1 year evaluation is done at 220k, I January 1 Mortgage with 135K. At that time, I had a second place in 45k. Pd it was my second part of the cc debt and medical bills are paid within the maximum 70k. “Self-convinced me to do more and get money, but I did not cash” The goal was to make my first mortgages, which is an arm and adjusted 4 points’m lend my refinanzieren.Jetzt, 12% refinance 1 m has adopted Part ect credit rating, then had an appraiser comeout — well, it came with 185k. nice and he told me with my concern for the value of 220k last year. He saw me and told me nothing that would have assessed whether apprasial would have done 220k 183k. I called the mortgage company that holds the two loans, and they are nothing I explained my situation to do the evaluation, they told me they use an AVM and it has a breakdown of gewesen.beide loans are nationally, nationally the full range of loans issued in HELOCleben Twin Cities area homes full line are the same, experts showed me the sales for this period

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