A loan modification – modernization of the financial statements?

Welcome and thank you for your help! I had a difficult situation since May because of my little son in infectious diseases. I had an unexpected expense and other medical expenses (food, maintenance, etc.). I’ve never been late or missed mortgage payments. Following the closure of all facilities, like trying to extort money from my retirement account or trying to refinance a loan, I asked for a temporary change of Wachovia. I call today after 3 months and they told me to update financial records. Now they are 3 months, nothing happened. business associate of my husband decided to retire and asked him to sell his share of $ 20,000 or he would not want to go out and sell it to someone else. We tried to obtain commercial loans by banks, but they were banned (and we still have very good credit). We ended up taking the form of money in our home equity line. My question is: What is the best way, if any, of the document in a new situation, by updating my letter and the financial difficulties of Wachovia? Thank you very much.

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