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1. Workers receive compensation for injuries or illness is not steuerpflichtig.a. wahrb. false2. A taxpayer can not contribute to an IRA, if he has a pension plan Arbeit. wahrb. false3. when a taxpayer dies, a tax return is not filed for the year of his death werden.a. wahrb. false4. If a dependent has a total income of $ 800, including unearned income, it is not a return Datei.a. wahrb.false5 .. the refundable tax credit for child Kredite.a. wahrb. false6. Social Security is not taxable if the recipient is unmarried and has submitted (received benefits inculde) a total income of less than $ 15,000 per wahrb. false7 social benefits and Tier 1 railroad never steuerpflichtigena. wahrb. false8. The gross income filing for individuals, with 30 years of independent study in blind or not. B. $ 3,200 B. $ 5,000 C. D. $ 5,000 $ 8,200 $ 9,450

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