A Few Questions about buying my first home?

I am saving up for a house right now. This will be my first home and I am looking into moving to Las Vegas, Texas, or somewhere in the midwest where I can find a decent home for $ 50,000. I should have about a down payment of 20% within the next sixth months.

Here’s my two questions
1) I reside in the Bay Area in California. Do I have to travel to the potential cities that I will live in to discuss with the brokers there, or is there brokers that deal with real estate nationwide?

2) I don’t have the full down payment right now, but as I said before, I don’t have the full down payment, but should I go ahead and start talking to brokers/mortgage loaners right now?

3) Where is better to get a mortgage? A local broker or a bank? Where are my chances better at too?

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