a few credit repair questions?

I am young and didnt feel like paying my bills when i was younger-6 7 yrs ago… I just paid for my score and it is 530 there was some tips on raising the score and it said to get asecured credit card and pay it off monthly so question 1

should i get 1 secured card with a 300 limit or 3 cards with 100 limit?
either or i think i would max them out monthly one stuff i need like gas and hygien stuff and pay it off in full is this the bast way to do it or should i leave a small balance?

I recently paid off a few of my collection accounts that were like 6 yrs old but on the credit report it said stuff stays on there for 7 yrs
so did i just screw my self in paying my old debt
i mean it would of fell off in one yr. is it still going to fall off in one yr or did the 7 yrs just resent because of account activity?
any other tips?

i want to buy a house in like 3 yrs is this possible with a credit score so low right now


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