A debt collectors not giving me verification.?

A year ago I left my apartment and when I did, they not only took my security deposit, but they charged me for repairs ( my roommate painted, and I couldn’t afford to paint it back), plus one month rent. When I received the bill, I wrote back saying that I did not agree with all the charges and I wanted proof. Time went by and I received no reply, so I soon forgot about it.

I get a call yesterday from a collection agency telling me I owe them that full amount, and I have to pay it by tomorrow or it goes on my credit report, etc. I ask him to send me verification of the debt, as I have previously disputed the amount and received no reply. Then he said I already received it previously and he will not send me another. I tell him I cannot answer now and end the call.

Today he calls back, and I tell him that I am now recording all conversations ( as I want to double check with someone about this, because something didn’t seem right). I tell him that until I receive verification I have no more to say to him. He said that is my problem now and hangs up.

So now what happens? I wouldn’t mind going to court – I think it would end up in my favor – I just worry about something showing up on my credit report because of this even though I disputed the amount. he hung up before I could ask for an address of where to send my written letter of request too. I know that they called from NCC Business : 904-733-3033

What do I do?

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