95% Loan in Texas with Mid-FICO 618?

I am looking for 95% loan in Houston – I have a mid-fico score of 618, fair credit rating. I had a 30-day ding on one of my mortgages. Anyone know of any lenders (sub-prime included) that I can contact with my situation to get me approved? Thanks!

“Ground Zero” Mortgage Crisis 7/14/08

CBS 7 Staff
July 14, 2008

It’s being called “Ground Zero” for the sub-prime mortgage crisis that surfaced last summer.

The savings bank called Indymac in California was overcome with roughly six billion dollars in bad loans.

Loans they made for houses to people who could not afford them.

The scandal has ruined millions of lives.

Texas is living under a protective bubble, however, and depositors here have nothing to fear.

John West, President & COO Community National Bank in Midland, said, “The housing industry in Texas is strong and good. So, I would not worry about a savings bank in Texas. I would worry about a savings bank in California or Florida.”

The FDIC warns more failures are to come, and they’re hiring more people to handle the work.

90 banks are now on their watch list, and they estimate eventual losses at over one trillion dollars worldwide.

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