80/20 ARM Loan HIGH RATES on a duplex 20yr old investor Am I screwed? Plz Help!!?

I am 20 years old from washington, I managed to get a loan and buy a duplex w/$ 0 down 80/20 Arm loan 80@7.5% 115,000 and 20@11.5 32,000 Yes rates are very high but w/ 0 down and no assets I had to take what I was given. My question is I want to buy more properties. I will be paying interest for the first 2 years and I have no extra money to pay extra on top of my minimum payment. I am losing money rents out both units@$ 1125 + $ 115 water +75 add to mortgage payment so I’m losing $ 190 a month, I cannot raise rent it’s already up there. I cannot refi for atleast 2 years. I bought the duplex for 147,000 (including closing costs). It’s been appraised at only 148,000 so I bought it at top dollar. Lol I am 20 come on =). I’m curious should I just sell in 2 years and walk out? Since rates are going up I cannot afford paying my bills plus property additional bills. Both tenants are planning to stay for atleast 2 years. Any suggestions/comments deeply appreciate! Thanx!

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