734 credit score to 837 right away?

my credit score is 734 because im 21 and only had credit for 3 years. i want 830 or higher right now. i never had a late payment, never had a missed payment. and there are no negative things on my credit. i have all unsecured credit cards with visa and master card with 10,000 credit limit.

but it sayd 30-40% of people have better credit than me. thats a lot. it said it because 3 years of credit history is short. and it said the average credit history is 15 years. im NOT waiting till im old for 830 or higher.

i read something on credit attorney, and it said if you have someone esle authorize you on their credit report, their history on that card reports on to yours.
so if a parent has a 834, and they have a kid with a lower score like 700, it will raise their credit a lot higher right away.
my mom has a 834. could i have her authorize me on her card, and have her history report on to mine? she has no car loan, and owns her house with no mortgage, so theres no risk she will
mess up her credit. and i will go from 734 to 800 or higher?
i know i already have a good credit score. but im going to be taking out a lot of loans for my corporations, and also from hard money leander, and am going to be a credit partner with other investors, so i want a really good credit history

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