700 billion dollar victory?

I am so happy the 700 billion dollar bailout failed. I know this will lead us into a possible depression but i will be just fine. My family can live with my grandpop who’s house is paid off. We will find food. I did not want my tax dollars going to bailout people who gamble on wall street. This economic depression is needed so this country can start fresh. maybe keep us out of wars we can’t afford and stop policing the world. Many will lose their jobs, many may become homeless. But if the bailout went through, it would only delay the inevitable. America needed to be taught a lesson. Regardless of who wins the election, both parties will have to deal with the same mess. I feel sorry for all of you who’s lives revolve around credit. The next 5 years will be hardest for you. For people like me who don’t buy anything they can’t afford, it will be alot easier. Let this be a lesson to all those with credit cards, mortgage loans, financed cars, and jobs that make you slaves to keeping you material wealth. Life will go on. What do you fear? shouldnt have maxed out that visa and mastercard.
hey mel mel..if you have eaten in 3 days maybe you should stop paying for internet

Please explain how to do this problem.

Josh Paltrow and his wife Susan are buying their first home for $ 125,000.00. They’ve been granted a mortgage loan at an annual interest rate of 8.5 percent for 20 years with a $ 25,000.00 down payment. Closing costs are 2 percent of the amount of the mortgage loan and will be financed as part of the mortgage. What is the actual amount financed with the mortgage?

$ 102,000.00
$ 120,000.00
$ 100,000.00
$ 125,000.00

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