7 months too long for an insurance investigation?

A woman I know filed a theft claim under her 50K State Farm renter’s policy for various personal property including clothing, electronics, furs, jewelry, computer equipment and other household items. She submitted all the proofs of ownership she could find. The insurance company even ran a credit check and examined her bank statements and tax returns to see whether she had enough money to afford the items she was claiming. She and her children gave sworn statements at the insurance company’s lawyer’s office. She went back and forth with the insurance company for months, often not hearing anything for months at a time until she contacted them. She felt that the company was just trying to run out the one year time limit she had to file a lawsuit against them. She warned the adjustor that she was going to consult an attorney. Eventually, after 7 months, they sent her a check out of nowhere for about 10K, a fraction of her claim. Was this investigation process typical?
Her claim wasn’t that complex – most of her claim in terms of dollars was for Furs and Jewelry and was subject to her policy limit for these items. That left maybe two pages of other items, and she submitted what proofs she had in a timely manner. My sense is that this could have wrapped up in half the time, but her claim was being handled by Special Investigations so I guess they were picking through her claim with a fine toothed comb.

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