6 months FHA refinancing a mortgage?

I bought a house six months ago and got an interest rate of 6% 30 year FHA. Looking at the rates go makes me wonder if I can refinance. Since the FHA is a mortgage backed by the government, I was wondering what are the options. I read something on a FHA streamline refinance, but do not really understand if that’s what I could do. What is the fees? My lender is U. S. Bank because of
My arm loan matures in 2010. I have 315K. 25% of new homes in my community denies. Manufacturers continue to build bigger houses and better in my community and now sell for less than 110k, ouch !!!!!!! As the market does not seem fair, I tried to simplify the bank to refinance my mortgage twice earlier this year when my home, and still others similis 360-375. My bank told me first mortgage to keep away, then they told me the second time, almost all of the loans they could not at that time, as they observed the market. Now, my third attempt, to my mortgage bank says I can not because my house does not value what I võlgu.Kas I’m done? What would you do? My mortgage is now 2k. If this ends my loan up to 3.2K. I know, my house wont sell or refinance. Do you have a better year next year?

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