5 months behind on my mortgage. Need suggestion on what to do?

I am currently 5 months behind on my mortgage. Last June I have called bank of america regarding my situation. Telling them I am having trouble keeping up with my payments. They said they can’t help my at that time coz I am current with all my payments. Last September I started to miss my payments. They have told me to fax my pay stubs and hardship letter and they also interview me regarding about my finances so they can try to do a loan modification. Since September I had been bugging them of my loan modification status. Just yesterday I recieve a letter from bank of america stating that I am not qualified and they can’t help me with my mortgage problems. I called them and ask for the reason and demanded to talk to a supervisor. I told the supervisor why I had been denied for the loan modification and basically told them I need my mortgage payment lowered. The supervisor stated that since my loan is under the VA Loan guaranteed I am not qualified for the loan modification under the HOPE program. Is there anybody out there that have some ideas on what I have to do? Should I get an attorney? What is the best thing to do?

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