$ 29,000 investment question?

My wife and I have $ 29,000 savings at the moment is that at 2.48% Zinsen.Wir have no mortgage, we rent, but you want to buy a house soon. We have two student loans which totaled $ 185/month and a car that had to pay $ 247/month savings ist.Wir just 3 years ago and have managed to 25,000 dollars in three years the issuance of a full-time and part-time job. Our combined income for the year was $ 48,000 and has over the past 3 years durchschn.Mit CD as so low down and our savings rate up account with 1% last year, we are a sort of looking for a place to a considerable amount of liquid investieren.Wir a deposit on a house and a halten.Keiner urgency we feel at ease in the stock market at the moment we feel it is taking ideas riskant.Alle, with this money? We also have a new higher paying job for my wife, a teacher is to move. I am looking for employment and we prefer a 4-month Sohn.DankIch before it, the Philippines and my money debt geschraubt.Wir ZERO credit card.

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