24 Killer Ways To Use Your Tax Refund

It’s that time again – when we sit and cross our fingers while we figure out who owes who.

If you’re lucky enough to come away with a refund this year, you may be looking for a way to spend some, or all, of it. From the functional to the frivolous, we’ve got a few suggestions.


If you haven’t dipped a toe into home automation, this is a good place to start.

2. A new front door

Yeah, we know – boooorrrrring. But if it’s ROI you’re after, you can’t do any better than a snazzy front door replacement.

3. A fluffy rug

The kind that males you want to sit on the floor.

4. Brass fixtures

They’re back in style, you know..

5. A pirate ship for your kid’s room

Yes. A pirate ship for your kid’s room.

6. More space

Short of running out and buying a new home, the next best thing is creating space by cutting the clutter. if you’re not sure how to do it on your own, Huffington Post has been nice enough to point out the 35 Things In Your Home To Get Rid Of RIGHT NOW.

7. Something metallic.

It’s the trend with no end.

8. Custom-sized drawer compartments

Our inner OCD girl is dancing right now.

9. An $8,000 pizza oven.

Because why not?

10. A fancy new chandelier

It’s an easy update that can quickly transform a space.

11. A good mattress

Lumpy, bumpy, and saggy sound like the names of Dwarfs N0. 8, 9, and 10. They shouldn’t be the way you describeyour bed.

12. A killer refrigerator

Frankly, it had us at CustomChill.

13. A good tool set.

It may not be sexy, but a real adult tool set will come in handy. Over and over.

14. Countertops that look like jewelry

Everyone needs at least one surface so fantastic you find yourself sitting and staring at it.

15. A crazy shower

Nothing says I just got a ton of money back like a spa shower with color therapy.

16. The resort you never have to leave…

Even if your backyard is postage stamp size.

17. A toy for the whole family

Carve out a place to jump around in style.

18. A plush place for your pooch

Owning a $31,000 dog kennel’s not weird, right?

19. Bring it outside

An outdoor living room can redefine the way you live everyday.

20. A plush place for your Porsche

Or your Pontiac.

21. New flooring

Worn-out carpet and tired tile aren’t doing much for your home. Make a modern choice and install porcelain tile that looks like wood.

22. The game room of all game rooms

You need a place to play, right?

23. Under-cabinet lighting

Another snoozer…but one that will easily increase the functionality and the ambiance of your kitchen.

24. Create a nifty reading nook

Doesn’t it just make you want to curl up and get lost in a good book?

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