23 year old graduate in good financial situation … how should I invest/save money/?

I just graduated with a masters, got a well paying job, and I’m living at home for a year. I also have decent money coming in from a part-time business. I’m looking for advice on where I should focus my extra funds … I want to invest a lot, save a lot for a house, and pay off student loans ASAP.

Here are details …
After taxes income/month: ~$ 3500 (that is after investing 8% into 401k with company matching 4%)
2nd business income/month: ~$ 2000
Student Loans: ~$ 35,000 (half subsidized)
I also pay my parents $ 300/month, which covers food, car insurance, phone bills, utilities, etc. I fill up my gas tank around once a week, so like ~$ 250/month. Food and drinks for the week shouldn’t be more than $ 100, I don’t party TOO hard, so like $ 400/month. I’d like to invest a good portion of the funds I have left over, I have all the electronics and stuff I need. I’d also like to buy a house in 2-3 years.

Sorry for the length, does anyone have some general advice for me? Thanks!
lol if you wanna know, side income is from online poker. I’ve lived a comfortable life for the last 2 years at school doing this, and played all last summer instead of getting a job. I am not a gambler … I know my winrate, I study the game, I lose a percentage of hands but on average I make money (sort of like investing lol). That being said, for investing I guess you could say that I have a high tolerance for risk.

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