1099 Mortgage Help?

My husband works for a company that paid him with 1099th It is only there for a month. We tried to apply for a mortgage today. The loan officer said everything is perfect unless it is paid by a 1099th He needs to prove once again benefit the 2010 tax year. Basically, they need to see if he writes something. When he writes all of his less income. The fact is that my husband paid work for nothing. There is no Kosten.Ich am puzzled as to w-2 employees pay for gas. You pay for uniforms and so on. My husband is not independent, it pays only their regular duties at the end of the year. I tried a file ES 1040, but today is the deadline, and we found out today I heard that someone tried to go to the PCA and a form for more deductions a letter from their employer, the company said all the cost is charged, and that it would be illegal if they work all beansprucht.Könnte that leave us? ? Any advice OK let me explain: My husband jobs with this company. You pay for everything. You pay for materials, tools, everything you need. He must pay cards for each subject and so on. It only goes to work. The only thing he could write off would also be gas, but I checked the last time W-2 employees are not paid to get to work by car. So I think the staff falsch.Seine not agree that it would be a letter explaining the situation in detail schreiben.Ok. He is paid on time. They provide him with work every day. He has business cards (Lowes, Home Depot) that he purchased with the hardware. He turns in receipts from Lowe’s and Home Depot, but not of its own costs. It has not been without work since he did, I’m not sure if they find something wrong or hom …

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