10 pnts today……..HELP! We have a guy that is helping us with out mortgage, we are trying to go through a ?

He told us, he is going to get our payments lowered, and our mortgage company is supposed to come out in Feb-March to reappraise our house. It is a guy that comes into my husband’s work and my husband trusts him. He is in the middle of working with our mortgage company, we are going through a loan modification. It’s been two months, at the beginning of December he told us he cut our mortgage in half, so we were going to start paying starting the 13th. Then he told us to hold off, because the bank was trying to appeal it. I really want to trust this guy, and I am sick to my stomach thinking we could lose our home. We are financially struggling right now, and we are trying our best to keep up with these payments…our mortgage as gone up 200 dollars sinse we moved in…1 1/2 years. We should have asked for assistance sooner, but we tried so hard to catch up on our own, and now we are in over our heads. I am sick of being in denial about this, if it turns out it’s a scam and it smacks in the face. Do you think he is scamming us? What could we do if he did scam us? Is there something legal we can do? I have copies of all the papers we had signed, and I read them over carefully when I signed them. Thank you so much!

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