10 insurance easy questions? give you ten points!?

1. An insurance policy is a legal contract between a consumer and an insurance company that provides protection against a financial loss.

A. true
B. false
2. The insurance term for likelihood that you will incur a loss is referred to as:

A. Luck
B. Chance
C. Risk
D. Probability
3. The premium you pay for auto insurance is effected by each of the following except:

A. Your age
B. Your driving record
C. Your credit score
D. Your earnings
4. What type of insurance protects you from theft and loss when you are living in an apartment?

A. Health insurance
B. Auto insurance
C. Life insurance
D. Renter’s insurance
If you wanted to ensure that you were able to receive the lowest premium rate for your homeowner’s insurance, which of the following would not help your rate?

A. smoke detectors
B. swimming pool
C. sprinkler system
D. fire alarm
6. Which type of life insurance is the least expensive because it only provides insurance for a certain number of years?

A. Term life insurance
B. Whole life insurance
C. Variable life insurance
D. Universal life insurance
7. What type of insurance would be most helpful to have if you to protect the health of you and your family?

A. Homeowner’s insurance
B. Health insurance
C. Life insurance
D. Auto insurance
8. Purchasing an extended warranty is always a good thing to do.

A. true
B. false
Your friend is married, owns a home, and has two children. He wants to get the most insurance possible for the cheapest rate. Which policy would you recommend?

A. Term life insurance
B. Variable life insurance
C. Universal life insurance
D. Whole life insurance
Which type of policy should you purchase when moving into off-campus housing at college?

A. Homeowner’s Insurance
B. Renter’s insurance
C. Property Insurance
D. Health Insurance

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