0% offers & credit score?

My question is in regards to one’s credit score while trying to
transfer balances over on 0% offers.

I understand that it is a double-edged sword in many of the financial moves we make in regards to our credit history, but I’m not satisfied with that as an answer.

If one is juggling around 0% offers, how does it impact your score and how can one best go about it without impacting your score too dramatically.

Example – 0% offer expires for $ 10k. I open a new $ 10k, 0% card. My balance to limit ratio has just improved, but I now have more revolving debt on my history. Does closing off the previous one, opened for just a year for the 0% offer, improve your score by lowering your total revolving debt, or hurt it since your balance to limit ratio is higher and the account was only open a year.

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